Graham Plaster

Interview with Alexia D’Arco

October 18, 2018

Alexia D’Arco is currently the President of the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. YPFP is a nonpartisan 501(c) organization that engages, builds, and amplifies NextGen voices to advance innovative solutions to global challenges. With thousands of members and weekly events, YPFP is well-known for its strong commitment to public service and its efforts to create dialogue between future foreign policy leaders and today's accomplished experts. In addition to its activities in Washington D.C., YPFP has active branches in New York, London, and Brussels, lending the organization a truly global voice and international perspective. For more information, visit

Alexia has over a decade of experience in foreign affairs and international security issues. She was Frontier’s first Hiring our Heroes Fellow and continues to support Frontier as a foreign policy advisor with a particular focus on Pakistan and Afghanistan. Prior to Frontier, Alexia worked as a Program Development Consultant for the TOMODACHI Initiative, a $34 million public-private partnership created by U.S. Embassy Tokyo and the U.S.-Japan Council that develops bilateral youth programs between the United States and Japan. From 2011-2013, she served on State Department political-military affairs teams at Embassy Tokyo and the office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, where her portfolios included security assistance, defense cooperation, counterterrorism, and planning for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear incidents. She received a superior individual honor award and a group honor award for her contributions to the U.S. negotiating strategy to reopen the NATO supply lines in Pakistan.

While pursuing her MA, Alexia worked at The Scowcroft Group, the National War College, and as a teaching assistant for former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. She previously served as Executive Assistant to Fred Kempe, President and CEO of the Atlantic Council and as a Program Assistant at the Berlin-based think tank Atlantik-Brücke. Alexia is a former Fulbright Scholar, and Presidential Management Fellow. She previously served as an Adjunct Lecturer at Temple University (Japan) and Rhodes College. Alexia is currently a Security Fellow at the Truman National Security Project and an Adjunct at the University of Memphis. She holds an MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University and is a graduate of Dartmouth College.


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